But the employment contract for the next academic year was not signed

But the employment contract for the next academic year was not signed

In addition to teaching school subjects – education, solving personal problems, restructuring the educational process and responding to changes in the surrounding reality.

Today, the holiday exists in most countries of the world, sometimes a separate national teacher’s day is celebrated on different dates. So, in China, it falls on September 10 – this tradition has existed since the Middle Ages. In the United States, the holiday falls at the beginning of May and is a whole “Week of gratitude to teachers” – children give postcards to teachers and talk about their gratitude. In India, Teacher’s Day is celebrated a month earlier than ours, on September 5, on the birthday of the philosopher Sarvepalli https://123helpme.me/hero-essay-example/ Radhakrishnan. Schoolchildren change places with teachers and conduct lessons – such is the day of self-government. Particularly large-scale Teachers’ Day is celebrated in Australia, on the last Friday of October. Here, in honor of the teachers, carnival processions are held and fireworks are launched.


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Very rarely, but sometimes you have to use extreme pedagogy to save a person.

Chris is a small sprout, thin, always hunched over and with skin that is smoothly pale to the point of impossibility. He almost lacked any muscles. He found no other way to express his peculiarity, but with smoking and unbridled anger, which would be enough for a hundred people. He did not know any other means of self-expression.

Chris always smoked as soon as people appeared nearby, while not realizing that smoking itself is not a source of amazement. People were unconsciously surprised at how frantically he inhaled and how huge clouds of smoke poured out of everything.

Photo by Dev Asangbam from Unsplash

As for the anger – it caused not so much amazement as disgust. Who will love bloodshot eyes, a grimace disfigured by rage, dirty obscenities and cruel blows with bony “fists” in the most dangerous places?

Chris had no friends, but he was popular for his uncommonness and strangeness. In his educational activities, he did not stand out for his abilities in any subject, but on the other hand he “authoritatively” painted wherever male and female genitals were found. I could do this all the lesson without getting tired.

…Tiffoni chose him as her boyfriend, and her friends began to look at her “differently.” Not the way it was before. As a result of this choice, she became “special”, not like everyone else. Demonstrating oneself “not like everyone else” is one of the most important aspirations for adolescent girls. 

But this must happen! Tiffoni did better in biology lessons than her chosen one. Chris received a task in accordance with his abilities, according to a simplified course, and she was already studying genetics. On this basis, jealousy flared up towards the teacher as a rival.

Chris approached the teacher after the next lesson and asked if he was going to get behind his girlfriend. 

– Like this? What do you mean? – the young teacher, inexperienced in such matters, was taken aback.

– Why are you paying attention to her ?! … She’s my girlfriend and only I can praise her! 

– But, after all, I encourage her work in the lesson. She works well and deserves praise, ”the teacher said, trying to settle the conflict, courteously but insistently.

– I don’t care about your lessons! – answered Chris with a choice mate. – If you do it again, I will kill you! You do not have to report on me, you have no witnesses, and I will say that you are following me.

A friend of mine, a biology teacher, did not give due importance to this scene and continued to work with students in accordance with his pedagogical beliefs. In turn, Chris took advantage of the democratic rules at school. He, along with Tiffoni, literally burst into the principal’s office and said something about the sexual claims of the biology teacher and the violation of “political correctness.”

…In short, the biology teachers were summoned to the head’s office right from the lesson. After a short official conversation, in the presence of witnesses, the dumbfounded colleague signed the document (required in such cases) and immediately left the school until the circumstances of the case were clarified.

Two days later, the slandered teacher returned. But the labor contract for the next academic year was not signed.

It turned out to be the most difficult for me to overcome the feeling of dislike for the slanderer. Moreover, I knew about the innocence of the victim. It is not common for teachers to be accused of sexual harassment like this. But, unfortunately, this also happens. Therefore, even a few cases are enough to influence the mood of many teachers.

And this guy, after some next incident, ended up in a school for hard-to-educate students, and in my class.

– How is your girlfriend doing? I asked indifferently.

“Elvira lives normally,” Chris replied lazily.

“But your girlfriend’s name was Tiffoni, because of whom you accused the biology teacher of sexual claims! I blurted out, stroking his eyes.

-. ..Yes, she would … and I left her long ago, – Chris was amazed.

– Then why did you invent all this and create such cruel trouble for an innocent teacher ?!

– Because he is an idiot and got me with his lessons, assignments, discipline requirements.

– You thought that with this slander you ruined a person’s life? I almost yelled.

– What are you doing? Do you want problems for yourself? That he is your brother or “friend”? – my student answered no less loudly, interrupting the screams with a choice obscenity.

– And what problems can you make me interesting? And how do you get me? I went on even more angrily.

– Don’t worry … I’ll make it even cleaner, you will remember all your life … if you live, – hissed Chris and there was complete confidence in his voice of impunity.

Being completely calm, I foresaw a similar response. After these words of his, I made a long pause. Even much longer than is necessary for a good game, but for a great “pedagogical game” this pause turned out to be just the norm.

Having enjoyed the impatience of the interlocutor, I began very slowly, confidently and completely calmly:

“Yes … this teacher suffered a lot. … His tragedy is irreparable. And you’re right, he’s my friend. … I must avenge him. You know that a real Mexican must avenge a friend’s offense. And I am Russian and we have the same customs as yours … – I said, not looking at Chris, so as not to accidentally betray my methodical intention.

– What are you talking about? Chris asked, but without much confidence in his voice.

– I’ll just kill you now and here! Before that, I will cut off your tongue, so that even in the next world you cannot slander people … First, I will cut off your filthy tongue, and then I will strangle you. No trace will be left. I’ll tell everyone that I didn’t see you today, and I don’t have to tell anyone. Few people will be interested in you.

“… You’re out of your mind … You have to educate me … It’s unprofessional … You break the rules …” Chris began to babble, looking around in search of a way out.

– You probably don’t know much about the Russian mafia, if you say so … – I continued calmly and confidently, adding for the “persuasiveness” the same obscene words that my ward constantly used, while slowly and carefully pulling gloves on his arms.

The face of my pupil slowly but noticeably turned into a dull stain. Fear made his body, hunched and frail, even more ugly and unnatural.

I silently prepared “instruments of pedagogical retribution” and significantly stretched my fingers. The situation very closely resembled the dreams of the popular “horror movies”. 

After waiting for my ward to finally believe my “intentions”, I stood opposite and said, just as slowly, calmly and confidently:

“I give you time to repent.

-…What it is? – my student squeezed out in a trembling voice.

“That means you have to tell out loud about all the atrocities you have done in your entire idiotic life. You must clearly and in detail tell about your evil ideas, even if they were not fulfilled. If you are sincere, there may be some kind of forgiveness in the next world.

After these words of mine, an amazing transformation took place with Chris. He truly believed that I could strangle him with this rope.

He went into deep thought. I didn’t interfere, but I didn’t miss the opportunity to confirm my intentions again and again.

Finally, a long and frank account of the hideous plans and actions followed. I listened. Didn’t interrupt. Only from time to time I convincingly twitched my “instrument”, from which Chris did not take his eyes off. Many times I felt sorry for this lost child to tears, but professional experience helped to calm emotions and serve the cause of pedagogy.